Film creator

The Swiss film director Thomas Buschbeck is above all a storyteller, in all his films and at every stage of their making. His reputation spans fiction, documentaries, commercials and animated films. And when not engaged in directing, he may also be found editing, writing fictional scripts or exercising his skills as first assistant director, director of photography, film composer, or producer.


Having made his first documentaries at the tender age of fifteen, Buschbeck quickly moved on to explore fiction. He was prolific from the start, producing around three 30-minute films per year. At 22, he joined the production company Sidéral Film SA, where he worked on institutional and commercial projects. The following year, he bought the company. Two years later, he entered the École de Cinéma de Genève, from which he graduated with degrees in Film Direction and Photojournalism.

In all his work, Buschbeck gets to grips with the very essence of his subject. When filming people, he zeroes in on their personality, hidden traits and aspirations. As a director, this active observer has made “love your subject” his watchword. And, as someone close to nature, he says that a film is like a tree: from a seed, the idea develops and puts out many branches, to become an imposing plant that may or may not bear fruit. But luckily, more often than not, if the seed is of good quality and promotes healthy growth, the tree will be fruitful.

Professionnal career


2001 - 2014


Sidéral film SA - Geneva / Switzerland


From 2005 to 2007, then from 2010 to 2011


Tchoukball Promotion - Geneva / Switzerland


2003 - 2006


Geneva Film School


2001 - 2002

CAMERAMAN and REPORTER (available on request)

Léman Bleu TV - Geneva / Switzerland


1999 - 2001


Sidéral film SA - Geneva / Switzerland



2013 - 2014  Swiss Geneva bank

2001 - 2014  Geneva Municipalities Association

  2010  International Tchoukball Federation

  2009  Zanetti Ingénieurs-Conseils

  2006  Pathé’s theaters

2000 – 2004  Services Industriels de Genève

  2003  World Organisation of Neurobiology

  2003  Clinique La Colline

  2002  Procter & Gamble

  2002  Rolex

2001 – 2002  World Trade Organization

2001 – 2002  Oracle Software

  2000  Elna

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